Triple P Elixir

Made with a super-secret formula, The Green Baker Triple P will get the party started no matter what you’re doing to celebrate the holidays.

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Make the holidays more festive with the Triple P elixir! A magical A blend of mango, peach and strawberry juices and The Green Bakers special secret mix that takes it to the next level. Then it is topped off with edible glitter, cause you can NEVER have too much sparkle in your life.

Available in alcoholic and nonalcoholic versions

150mg 16oz/ 300mg 750ml per bottle

Ingredients: Mango puree, Peach juice Strawberry concentrate, lime juice, The Green Baker canna sugar, peach strawberry Moscato and The Green Baker tincture (if alcoholic) water, edible glitter

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16 oz, 750 ml

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