Do Edibles Expire? Frequently Asked Questions.

by thegreenbkr
Do Edibles Expire? Frequently Asked Questions - thegreenbkr

As the cannabis industry continues to expand–and more people are discovering all the fantastic things cannabis has to offer–there’s also a growing confusion. I get questions all the time. Do edibles expire? Should I store them differently than other food? What if there is no date on them? 

So, here I’m going to answer those questions because I want to make sure you’re only eating the tastiest, most delicious, and healthiest treats out there. 

Do Edibles Expire?

Y’all. OF COURSE, edibles expire. Almost everything expires–except for honey. No joke, honey lasts FOREVER. With that said, there is more to know.  

The expiration of an edible doesn’t have anything to do with the cannabis it’s infused with–it’s about the food product itself. Depending on the ingredients, an edible can get stale or expire the same way a non-infused food can. So if your CBD cookie is made with dairy or eggs, you can bet your ass that it’ll go bad more quickly.

In a previous post, Do Edibles Go Bad, we talked about this at length, but in short, how long your edibles last depends on preservatives and how you store them, too. 

If you buy your edibles from small local shops, they might not last as long as an edible from a major dispensary. Why? Because they probably won’t have a ton of preservatives (but they’ll usually taste better and be better for you without the junk). 

Similarly, a vacuum-sealed edible will last longer than a cookie you leave sitting out on a plate with no protection. 

Does the Potency Lessen Over Time?

The short answer here is–sometimes. MOST of the time, you can expect that your edible will go bad before it loses its potency. 

For one, it depends on how they’re manufactured. Cannabis oil is super thick, so to make sure it stays inside edibles, it has to be properly emulsified–just a fancy word that means mixed with another liquid that it normally doesn’t want to mix with (think oil and water). 

When cannabis oil isn’t properly emulsified, it might separate out of the edible. If you’ve ever grabbed a week-old pot brownie that’s suddenly way oilier on the surface than it used to be–this is why. When the cannabis oil separates out of the edible, it takes some CBD or THC with it.

Potency also depends on whether your edibles are infused with THC or CBD. CBD is super stable, so its potency lasts longer than THC. With that said, THC edibles are still potent for up to six months. And let’s be real, you should be eating most of your edibles way before six months after you bought them!

How Should You Store Edibles?

The way you store your edibles can have a huge impact on their potency over time and how long they last before they go rancid. 

Light, heat, and exposure to oxygen are all your enemy when it comes to making your edibles last. So make sure to store that shit in an airtight container in a cool, dark place if you want to enjoy your cannabis-infused treats longer. 

Is There a Way to Know If My Edible is Expired?

This is a common question because not all edible packages come with a handy expiration date on them. I guess we haven’t reached milk status yet, right!?!

But here are my 2 cents–if you’re questioning whether or not it’s safe to eat… Don’t eat that shit! When in doubt, take a sniff. If your edible smells or looks sketchy, toss it. 

As a rule of thumb, refrigerated edibles typically have the shortest shelf life–just 5-7 days. So make sure you’re ready to enjoy those tasty treats soon after you buy them. 

On the other hand, dairy and egg-free cannabis-infused treats like gummies and hard candies will usually last the longest. Keep in mind that these edibles might not go rancid–but they can still get stale, which is still gross.

A Fellow Greenie’s Take

My favorite way to make sure I’m only ever eating the best quality shit–write the date you purchased your edible on its packaging if there’s no expiration date. This will help you keep track and avoid the guessing game. 

Try to resist the urge to stock up for the winter. I know it’s tempting to clear out the whole shelf when you see your favorite treat in the shop–but ask yourself if you’ll be able to eat it all before they expire. 

If the answer is anything but a definite yes, don’t waste your money or risk having to eat edibles that taste like shit! 

Finally, treat your cannabis-infused treats with love by storing them properly, and you’ll be able to love them longer. Keep any edibles made with egg or dairy in the fridge. The rest of your cannabis-infused treats should be kept in an airtight container away from direct sunlight between 50 and 70 degrees. 

All the edibles I make at The Green Baker come with care instructions so you don’t have to guess how to store them or how long they’ll last. Less worrying, more enjoyment of tasty cannabis-infused goodness!

Any more questions? Ask away!

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