What a election period (scratch that 4 years) long saga. I know we are still all biting our nails as we wait for the official word of who won the presidency. But in the mean time, there have been so wonderful winners in electing queer, non binary and trans officials this election. Oh and also lets not forget who else won….Mary Jane. She was the MVP of this election cycle. States overwhelming voted for cannabis in a BIG way. Read more from this article to see where and how YOUR state stands.

I get this question from ALOT of customers. How to combat insomnia with cannabis. It isn’t surprising that we out sleeping patterns are jacked up. Whether because of biological issues, but also stress, trauma, bad habits and anxiety. Insomnia can be a result of any myriad of causes (pandemic not excluded). But to want and desire a better quality of life some of us seek out the assitance of cannabis in this endeavor. Read above to see how coping with insomnia can be the first step to regaining control over our bodies.

We all love using social media to not only stay connected to loved ones, our favorite places and people; but as a cannaprenuer we use the social media platform as a avenue to build a customer base, engage with our client base, advertising constant contact with our brand and the list goes on….

But because we are not able to sometimes advertise, communicate or resch our audience Instgram, Facebookz, TikTok and Snapchat have become giants in assisting small canna-businesses carve out there niche. What are some of the does and don’t of naviagting just one of those giants.

Read the article and find out. It is hard out here and we cannabis pioneers need all the help we can get.

Black lives matter to me as a business and as a person. And we know that ultimately the all mighty dollar has the power to create (or destroy) this movement. Why not support with your consumer dollars black owned CBD and hemp businesses. That’s one way to stick it to the man. Show your solidarity by keeping the dollar in black spaces.

As the article says…

Consumers hold power. The power to decide where your money goes is one small piece of our impact on the world. Cannabis justice is racial justice. It is necessary to back up your buying behavior and social media statements with both action and accountability. It is also important for all entrepreneurs to continue the momentum of this movement and to share Black stories outside of the Black Lives Matter civil rights uprising, including year-round.

We all love food! And consuming cannabis in that medium is more popular then ever. So why is it that we can seem to overdo it so often with edibles. I know that 100 percent of any person that has tried edibles has had a over done experience. And even the most confident pot head can have a trippy experience when dealing with consumables. Why is that? Read the article and find out.

Pictured above is: The Green Baker Marshmallows infused with TGB cannasugar