As the cannabis industry continues to expand–and more people are discovering all the fantastic things cannabis has to offer–there’s also a growing confusion. I get questions all the time. Do edibles expire? Should I store them differently than other food? What if there is no date on them? 

So, here I’m going to answer those questions because I want to make sure you’re only eating the tastiest, most delicious, and healthiest treats out there. 

Do Edibles Expire?

Y’all. OF COURSE, edibles expire. Almost everything expires–except for honey. No joke, honey lasts FOREVER. With that said, there is more to know.  

The expiration of an edible doesn’t have anything to do with the cannabis it’s infused with–it’s about the food product itself. Depending on the ingredients, an edible can get stale or expire the same way a non-infused food can. So if your CBD cookie is made with dairy or eggs, you can bet your ass that it’ll go bad more quickly.

In a previous post, Do Edibles Go Bad, we talked about this at length, but in short, how long your edibles last depends on preservatives and how you store them, too. 

If you buy your edibles from small local shops, they might not last as long as an edible from a major dispensary. Why? Because they probably won’t have a ton of preservatives (but they’ll usually taste better and be better for you without the junk). 

Similarly, a vacuum-sealed edible will last longer than a cookie you leave sitting out on a plate with no protection. 

Does the Potency Lessen Over Time?

The short answer here is–sometimes. MOST of the time, you can expect that your edible will go bad before it loses its potency. 

For one, it depends on how they’re manufactured. Cannabis oil is super thick, so to make sure it stays inside edibles, it has to be properly emulsified–just a fancy word that means mixed with another liquid that it normally doesn’t want to mix with (think oil and water). 

When cannabis oil isn’t properly emulsified, it might separate out of the edible. If you’ve ever grabbed a week-old pot brownie that’s suddenly way oilier on the surface than it used to be–this is why. When the cannabis oil separates out of the edible, it takes some CBD or THC with it.

Potency also depends on whether your edibles are infused with THC or CBD. CBD is super stable, so its potency lasts longer than THC. With that said, THC edibles are still potent for up to six months. And let’s be real, you should be eating most of your edibles way before six months after you bought them!

How Should You Store Edibles?

The way you store your edibles can have a huge impact on their potency over time and how long they last before they go rancid. 

Light, heat, and exposure to oxygen are all your enemy when it comes to making your edibles last. So make sure to store that shit in an airtight container in a cool, dark place if you want to enjoy your cannabis-infused treats longer. 

Is There a Way to Know If My Edible is Expired?

This is a common question because not all edible packages come with a handy expiration date on them. I guess we haven’t reached milk status yet, right!?!

But here are my 2 cents–if you’re questioning whether or not it’s safe to eat… Don’t eat that shit! When in doubt, take a sniff. If your edible smells or looks sketchy, toss it. 

As a rule of thumb, refrigerated edibles typically have the shortest shelf life–just 5-7 days. So make sure you’re ready to enjoy those tasty treats soon after you buy them. 

On the other hand, dairy and egg-free cannabis-infused treats like gummies and hard candies will usually last the longest. Keep in mind that these edibles might not go rancid–but they can still get stale, which is still gross.

A Fellow Greenie’s Take

My favorite way to make sure I’m only ever eating the best quality shit–write the date you purchased your edible on its packaging if there’s no expiration date. This will help you keep track and avoid the guessing game. 

Try to resist the urge to stock up for the winter. I know it’s tempting to clear out the whole shelf when you see your favorite treat in the shop–but ask yourself if you’ll be able to eat it all before they expire. 

If the answer is anything but a definite yes, don’t waste your money or risk having to eat edibles that taste like shit! 

Finally, treat your cannabis-infused treats with love by storing them properly, and you’ll be able to love them longer. Keep any edibles made with egg or dairy in the fridge. The rest of your cannabis-infused treats should be kept in an airtight container away from direct sunlight between 50 and 70 degrees. 

All the edibles I make at The Green Baker come with care instructions so you don’t have to guess how to store them or how long they’ll last. Less worrying, more enjoyment of tasty cannabis-infused goodness!

Any more questions? Ask away!

Just like that, another year is almost past and the holiday season is upon us again. It’s time for ugly sweater parties, decking the halls, and finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. And is there anything better than giving the gift of cannabis? Ummm, HELL YEAH there is! It’s shopping for those gifts… locally. 

Here are my favorite Florida cannabis companies that have something for everyone on your nice list (and maybe even your naughty list too).

1. For the Reader – Cannacurious Magazine

Got a bookworm on your holiday shopping list? Cannacurious Magazine is the perfect gift for those wanting to really understand the cannabis industry. Cannacurious Magazine is the Cosmo of Cannabis, written from a female-driven perspective, and covers everything–food, fashion, health, beauty… you name it! 

Why Should You Support This Company?

We all know one of the best ways to beat the stigma around cannabis is to keep talking about it. The badass ladies over at Cannacurious are doing just that–normalizing conversations around cannabis every single day. 

On top of that, the company is female-founded and designed for women. Giving their magazine as a gift is an awesome way to support women-owned businesses!

2. For the Eater – TKSweets

TKSweets was founded by Teri (hence the T in TKSweets). With the support of her husband and family, Teri creates delicious cannabis-infused treats that are both organic and vegan. As a baker myself, I’m sure these goodies are a surefire way to satisfy the foodie on your list. 

Why Should You Support This Company?

TKSweets is a small, local business that’s owned by a medical marijuana patient. Teri has a passion for quality and she uses great organic and vegan ingredients. Outside of the kitchen she also is active in local and state policy to truly free the plant for all people. 

3. For the Thinker – CannablissJo Consulting

Josie Matos is a cannabis consultant and coach. She’s a medical marijuana advocate who offers office training and events. On top of that, she advocates for mental health awareness–which in these wild and hectic times is so important, am I right? 

If you’ve got a deep thinker on your list this holiday season, a thought-provoking consultation with CannablissJo could be the perfect gift.

Why Should You Support This Company?

This afro-Latina-owned business is grounded in holistic remedies. Josie believes that root healing happens with cannabis. Purchasing from this woman-owned Florida cannabis company is a fantastic way for you to show support for small local businesses.

4. For the Toker – Your CBD Store

Although this company is a franchise, they made the list because Your CBD Store is a powerhouse in the arena of high-quality CBD and combo Delta-8/CBD products. The cannabis connoisseur on your list will be thrilled by this company’s expansive catalog.  

Why Should You Support This Company?

Your CBD Store produces high-quality and lab-tested CBD that you can trust. Getting your hands on top-notch stuff like this can be a life-changer. 

Plus, each branch of this company is independently owned, so you’re still supporting a small business owner! My Lake Worth store owner is Lucy and she is not only an inspiration but a pillar within the community.

5. For the Cannabis Fashionista – Bud Babes and Her(b) 

Bud Babe and Her(b) are both female-owned Florida cannabis companies that focus on fashion and lifestyle. I couldn’t decide which was badass-ier, so I picked them both! 

If you’ve got a lady on your holiday shopping list who loves making a statement with her wardrobe, a gift from either of these awesome brands will be perfect.

Why Should You Support These Companies?

Sharing your affinity for cannabis can translate to fashion (that looks cool). Gone are the days of stoner wear being limited to just tie-dye and crocheted beanies. These two women show us just how elevated cannabis fashion can be.

Shop Local!

It’s so important to support small businesses, especially within the cannabis space since we know the hurdles these companies face daily.  Here, at The Green Baker, I’m all about advocating for cannabis and spreading information to beat back the stigma around it. So, next time you’re looking for some cool ass gifts, check out my fellow greenies first!

Okay greenies, this is one that really hits home for me (pun intended). I recently had to move The Green Baker location. And you know moving… it’s already a pain in the ass. But when you add being a cannabis company to the mix things get even more complicated. 

Cannabis and real estate are still struggling to work together. It’s just one more barrier to legitimately having a cannabis business that isn’t in the legacy market. This is especially true in states like Florida. And what are cannabis companies supposed to do? What are the options? 

A Growing Demand

Over one-third of realtors are saying residential real estate inventory is tight thanks in part to the cannabis industry–specifically in those states where marjuana has been legalized. Similarly, over 30% of realtors in legal states have seen an increased demand for warehouses, 23% for storefronts, and between 18% to 28% increase in demand for land because of the cannabis industry.

There’s no doubt–cannabis companies are growing like crazy! And with that comes a growing demand for real estate. With that said, it’s still not easy for us small cannabis brands. 

First, I had to get a hemp license to sell cannabis edibles. In our beautiful state of Florida you need to have a commercial kitchen to obtain this permit, so no making your brownies out of sweet old grandmother’s kitchen.

  • First Option: Rent a Kitchen– Rental by the hour kitchens can cost anywhere from $100- $300 an hour and you’re sharing that space with other businesses that may or may not be cannabis-friendly.
  • Second Option: Get Your Own– So let’s get our whole own kitchen, right? Well, a second-generation kitchen can cost from $2000-$5000 a month depending on its size. Oh, and did I mention each permit is $650 EACH! So you wanna do farmers markets? That’s $650! You want to sell to other businesses? That’s $650! You want to just sell to your customers that’s $650. Costs not associated with your kitchen rental begin to add up pretty quickly. So having access to well-priced and safe kitchen space could make or break your bottom line.

A Lingering Stigma

Unfortunately, when I was forced to look for new real estate, I was hit with so many no’s that I started to panic. 

Once, I got told no because the location was near a school. For the record, there are no laws or regulations preventing cannabis companies from being near schools. Why should there be? 

While opinions like these may be well-intentioned, the bottom line is–there’s a bad stigma surrounding the cannabis space. And real estate is just one more obstacle for cannabis companies like mine to overcome. 

In fact, overcoming this deep rooted stigma remains one of the biggest challenges of the cannabis industry today. Successful businesses are forced to take warehouses, kitchens, spaces, etc that are less than ideal all because of perceived security risks. For example, some places have zoning laws that only allow cannabis companies to purchase real estate in very limited areas in certain industrial spaces. 

This means it’s super common for us cannabis businesses to compete with each other over a few measly parcels of land.

It’s rough out there!

Financial Implications for a Small Business

Lack of real estate trickles down to the financials too. The cannabis industry is very dependent on real estate. Why? Because cannabis needs to be grown, processed, and sold. Without a physical space to do it, how can I have a business at all? Owning or leasing property is crucial for the financial success and growth of any cannabis business. 

On top of that, since cannabis is still federally illegal, financial institutions can’t give loans to cannabis companies–despite the growing adoption of cannabis use and legalization throughout the country. Imagine trying to start a new business without taking out a loan from the bank? It’s hard as hell!

To get around this, most small cannabis businesses have to use tactics that aren’t in their best interest to get things going, like borrowing money from friends or dipping into their own personal savings. And if businesses can find a way around the bank loan barrier, they are still faced with a shit ton of other issues–like the daily management of money. 

Imagine trying to pay bills without a business checking account.  The cannabis industry has to deal in cash to get around problems like not being able to accept credit card payments, open bank accounts, or pay payroll taxes by check. But having to manage all that cash on a daily basis can attract some sketchy shit. So these companies often have to rely on–and pay for–armored trucks and armed security guards to transport and secure their money.

When Will the Cycle End?

The cycle continues–a cannabis company can’t get a location and can’t get access to funding thanks to banks not being able to give loans. Without real estate, the company has no way to make money to support its business. Then the company is forced to continue in the legacy market, or give up on their business altogether. 

It’s a vicious ass cycle, isn’t it?

Waiting for Equity

Florida has a long way to go before we see true cannabis equity. We should look to states like California and Colorado as examples of what we could be doing better. California has generously permitted zones for cannabis businesses to occupy, and both states have implemented social equity programs in an effort to erase the stigma around cannabis. 

If we want to see our cannabis market bloom in Florida, we should be taking notes from some of the first states to fully legalize it.

So yes, the struggle is hella real when it comes to real estate and the cannabis industry right now. But no matter the struggles, you can bet yo girl is going to keep pushing to provide quality products and education about the benefits of cannabis! The way I see it, that’s the only way shit is going to change. So stay tuned for my next phase cause I’m not done yet creating and making waves to educate and shine a light on the disparities within the cannabis industry here in the state. 

See what we’ve got cookin. 

You’ve heard it before–that marijuana can do magical things like increase sex drive, curb pain, and ease PTSD. But what about creativity? Is marijuana creativity real? Can marijuana really help you think outside the box? Well greenies, I’m here with the answers. 

Where Creativity Starts

Let’s start with the basics. All the way to where creativity starts–your brain. Research has linked creativity to the frontal lobe–that’s where “creative divergent thinking” happens. The term sounds fancy but it just means you’re more likely to use spontaneous and free-flowing methods like brainstorming and freewriting to come up with creative solutions to problems. And creative divergent thinking is what scientists use to measure creativity.

So where does cannabis come in? Glad you asked. When blood flow to the brain increases, the activity of the brain increases, too. And guess what? Consuming cannabis increases blood flow to your frontal lobe–juicing up your creative center.

How Cannabis Connects Random Dots

Scientists have decided that divergent thinking is a key component of measuring creativity, but testing divergent thinking isn’t so easy. Clinical psychologist Gráinne Schafer is a lead researcher on the topic of cannabis use and creativity, and even she recognizes that the relationship between the two isn’t understood well enough. However, her team did find that cannabis use can help you connect the dots between seemingly unrelated concepts, which might help with that random creative shit that leads you to paint cool art or come up with a crazy good recipe. 

In her experiment, Schafer categorized test subjects as either having “low creativity” or “high creativity” and tested everyone on their verbal fluency–another way of saying how many words you can retrieve from your memory. The participants were tested while they were sober, then again after a week of cannabis use. 

You’ll never guess what they found…

The “low creativity” group raised their fluency scores to the same level as the “high creativity” group! Kinda crazy, right?!

The “high creativity” group, however, didn’t experience any increase in their verbal fluency under the influence of cannabis. 

Shafer’s findings show that cannabis seriously helped get the creative juices flowing for people who didn’t think they were creative. But for those who already considered themselves creative, cannabis didn’t have any impact on their creativity at all. 

Another study from 2017 found similar results as Dr. Shafer, and it also took into account each participant’s personality type. The study concluded that while cannabis users did have higher creativity levels, their “openness to experience” levels came in higher during their personality evaluations. 

The report begged the question–does cannabis make people more creative, or are creative people just more likely to use cannabis? 

The Dose Matters

When it comes to juicing up your creativity with cannabis, mind your dosing. This study from 2014 found that low doses of THC–5.5 mg to be exact–can improve creative divergent thinking. 

The researchers separated participants into a “low dose THC”, “high dose THC” and a placebo group. Then they tested their divergent thinking based on three categories: 

  1. Fluency– The number of responses
  2. Flexibility– The variation in answers
  3. Originality– the uniqueness of each answer

The study found that the “low dose” group had a slightly improved score in fluency and flexibility than the placebo group. Not surprisingly, the “low dose” group scored way higher in originality than the placebo group.

But when the dose of THC was raised to 22 mg, scores in all three creativity categories dropped significantly–coming in even lower than the placebo group! 

The perfect dose is different for everyone, but the results of this study show that loading up on a shit ton of THC is probably a bad idea if you’re trying to boost your creativity. That’s why it’s important to find your sweet spot. 

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

There’s still a big ass pile of research that needs to be done before we fully understand the link between cannabis and creativity. But the science so far suggests that there’s definitely a connection. 

We know from the current research that your current level of creativity will play a huge part in how much benefit you’ll get out of using cannabis to boost your creativity. And we know that dosing matters. Low doses of THC can have major creativity perks, while big doses might make you less creative than you are when you’re stone sober. But your perfect dose might vary. Ultimately, it’s up to you to experiment and find what works for you.

Make Sure to Get the Good Stuff 

So where does all this info leave us? Here at The Green Baker, I can hook you up with amazing cannabis-infused foods to help spark your creativity. The best part–I offer varying doses that you can try while you find your perfect fit. 

Get your creativity flowing and enjoy some good ass food at the same time. It’s a win-win, my friends. 

Get your creative juices flowing

Let’s talk about sex, baby! No, but for real. Why be shy (or quiet) about something we all do…and enjoy? Sex is just a normal, fun part of life! The beauty of sex is that there’s always something new you can discover about yourself or your partner. I’ll be the first to say that trying new things in the sheets with your boo can light that spark back up or keep it going strong!  

Something new you can try to take that bedroom game up to the next level is to perfectly marry food, weed, and sex altogether. Talk about that threesome, Greenies. You already know that’s a life-changing combo. When you add natural aphrodisiacs and cannabis into your sex life, magic happens. Keep reading to find out how. I promise you won’t regret it. 

First, what are natural aphrodisiacs?

For most of us, we all have some sort of sexual drive—and that’s one of the most incredible things about being human. We have a natural want for sexual connection and pleasure! And it only makes sense that our big, beautiful Earth supports that sexual lust we all have with natural aphrodisiacs. 

If you’ve never heard of aphrodisiacs, or haven’t tried any of them before, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. Aphrodisiacs are foods that can straight up help you get in the mood, enhance your performance, and even increase the pleasure you feel. I know, it seems unreal. But, this is real ass life, Greenies. 

Incorporating aphrodisiacs into your daily life has the potential to up your bedroom game! And it’s not just hearsay, it’s backed by actual science too. 

The best natural aphrodisiacs out there 

If you’re curious about playing around with natural aphrodisiacs, you’ll definitely want to know what’s out there, right? Yes, some foods have been backed by scientific studies and data, but there are also some that are well known from more anecdotal experiences among society.

Some of the aphrodisiacs backed with science are:

  • Maca: A sweet root vegetable that grows naturally in Peru that can help boost your libido 
  • Red ginseng: A popular herb in Chinese medicine that may help increase sex drive, arousal, and erectile function
  • Pistachios: They increase blood flow that contributes to firmer erections
  • Saffron: A southwest Asian spice that can improve erectile function and lubrication for women

Some of the other well known aphrodisiacs that don’t have strong scientific evidence are:

  • Spinach
  • Dark chocolate
  • Peppers
  • Oysters
  • Crab

I won’t lie, I believe wholeheartedly in the magic of aphrodisiacs, but when you add cannabis to the mix…game over! 

Weed and sex: The perfect combo  

I’m just going to say it, having sex while high is bomb. That’s my personal opinion, but I know I’m not the only one who feels that way! Weed is already known to heighten your senses in different ways, but it’s actually been proven to enhance your sex life. 

Check this shit out: 

  • In a study done in the Journal of Sex Medicine, they found that cannabis users had more monthly and daily sex compared with those who never used
  • They also found that women who smoked weed before having sex had 2.13 higher odds of reporting a satisfactory orgasm

When it comes to men though, there’s a higher possibility of erectile dysfunction, according to the studies done. So, my ladies out there, give weed and sex a try if you’re open to it! 

The best cannabis options for sex

At this point, we know that weed and sex make the perfect match. But, are there particular strains or mediums that are most effective in upping that bedroom game? 

Of course, it’ll differ from person to person based on preferences, but here’s what some cannabis users and sex doers say:

Greenies, if you want to have an unforgettable night of weed and sex with your partner, or even just solo, I’m throwing some recommendations your way. Straight from the heart. 

Food & cannabis pairings for a steamy night

Grab your sweetheart, or your favorite toy, and give these food and cannabis combos a go. And please, reach out to me and tell me how your experience was! 

Dark chocolate & cannabis-infused wine

This is one of my favorites ever because it feels so romantic. Really lean in and set the mood for your steamy night of food, weed, and sex:

  • Go to the store and buy some dark chocolate, and I mean the real shit. 
  • Don’t forget to grab the vino too! I always like a dry red. To infuse it, get your hands on some of my THC oil and put a drop in each of your wine glasses after they’re poured. 
  • Have an intimate dinner at home, just the two of you. Sip on your wine, eat your meals and then enjoy the chocolate as a dessert afterward. Then, it’s on! 
  • Shoot, bring the chocolate and the wine into the bedroom too. If you could go for another glass, depending on how you feel, do it up!

Oysters & a sativa strain flower

If you’re a seafood fan like me, this one’s for you. Oysters are too good. The fact that they’re also natural aphrodisiacs makes me love them even more. Here’s what I would do for this food, weed, and sex pairing:

  • Have date night at your fave seafood restaurant and order the oysters 
  • On your way home, stop by the dispensary and grab a Sativa strain of flower. I absolutely love super lemon haze. The effects are so energizing and definitely put me in the mood!
  • As soon as you get home, smoke a bowl together, get cozy, and let your freak flags fly

I seriously can’t think of a better time than mixing food, weed, and sex together for a more than memorable night. Embrace your sexuality. Revel in your love for food. And enjoy cannabis for everything it has to offer…all at the same time. I’m telling you, you’ll love it.