How to Make Edibles Taste Better

by thegreenbkr
How to Make Edibles Taste Better - thegreenbkr

There are absolutely no secrets here, y’all know edibles are my jam! That’s my specialty. Why? Because food has always been my first love. As a bonafide phat gurl, finding ways to marry cannabis and food together in perfect unison has been quite the journey; especially when it comes to taste! Learning how to make edibles taste better took a lot of trial and error, but ya girl has figured it out — and now I’m sharing the goods with you so you can do the same. 

But first, why edibles?

Real quick though, before I share my top tips on how to make edibles taste better, I think that ya’ll need to know why edibles are so incredibly beneficial to us. For anyone that’s newer to cannabis consumption, you can intake cannabis in a variety of different ways – smoking, vaping, eating (edibles), topical application, etc. But, ingesting cannabis by way of edibles is one of the best ways you can experience its effects, here’s just a few reasons why:

  1. Increased relaxation and overall relief– Since THC is introduced through your digestive tract, you can experience a more potent and sedative effect. 
  2. The effects last longer– Thanks to the gradual onset of THC reaching your brain, the effects of edibles can last as long as 6 to 8 hours based on the dose, potency, body weight, etc. That just means more time to enjoy the ride. 
  3. Better for your lungs– Edibles are a lot easier on the lungs since you’re not inhaling anything. That’s a big win for your respiratory health over time. 

Alright Greenies, with those benefits in your back pocket, let’s get into my tips on how to make edibles taste better!

Tip #1: Clean your weed.

I know this may sound counterproductive, but it is a real thing. You gotta clean your flower! I promise you will experience a much better taste with your edibles if you clean your cannabis before adding it to your medium (butter, oil, or grain alcohol). When you see really, really green-colored butter, oil or tincture, that does not denote potency. That color is mostly the chlorophyll found naturally in the plant and *gasp* dirt and other impurities. You don’t want that shit in your treats!

Jeff The 420 Chef has a killer method for cleaning his cannabis before he cooks with it called the ‘Freeleaf’ method and I’ve used it in the past (and hella approve). Follow the steps he outlines and you’ll have some bomb-ass tasting edibles. Think about it like this, just like we clean our fruits and veggies, we can clean our weed so we don’t have any other impurities that will go into our bodies when we infuse our mediums.

Oh, and don’t worry, THC is not naturally water-soluble, so you won’t lose any potency! 

Tip #2: Don’t grind your weed finely. 

Gone are the days of grinding up our flower before infusing it into our mediums. When you grind up your weed (and especially if you don’t clean your weed), you release more chlorophyll and distribute more impurities over the surface of whatever you’re infusing—which can have gross flavors imparted into your medium.

Breaking up the weed by hand into uniform pieces, before decarbing, is sufficient enough to get the heat evenly distributed into the buds to decarb. Just make sure that everything is as uniform as possible so it all will heat and decarb evenly. Even better, get a precision heater, like the Ardent, where you don’t even have to break up the nugs! She will heat the bud to an accurate and precise temperature to decarb the flower without grinding it up. 

If you go that route, I can hook it up with a fire discount too. Just use the code ‘thegreenbaker’ to save on your purchase! Also, a little side tip—if you do grind up your weed, invest in a good french press or cheesecloth to get all those small particles out of your infusion.

Tip #3: Use distillate. 

I would say this tip is moreso for cannabis patients in states where consumption isn’t recreationally legal yet since they already have access to distillate. If you’re not familiar with what distillate is, it’s basically a cannabis extract where THC is completely taken out of the flower and everything else has been stripped away as well (the chlorophyll, terpenes, and flavonoids, which isn’t always a good thing). This creates a clear, thick, and viscous substance of pure full-blown THC. 

That can then be put into edible recipes for a potent and clean-tasting edible. If that’s your thing, go for it. I’m a true believer and advocate for using the whole flower in infusions, but using distillate in edibles is a very clean-tasting method. You just will be missing out all the wonderful entourage effects of the whole flower infusions, like what I make! 

Tip #4: Dose accordingly. 

If you really want to know how to make edibles taste better, you need to dose accordingly. Sometimes, we overdo how much of an infusion we use. And sometimes not using as much can create a better-tasting edible since you are not using as much of that leafy green, GREEN medium. So, my recommendation is to test your mediums using a tCheck home cannabis potency testing device (use my code ‘thegreenbaker’ for some savings!). Instead of using ALL that cannabutter, you can consider doing a mix of half-infused/half non-infused to cut back on that weed-y flavor. 

While we’re on the topic of dosing, I definitely want to address the safety aspect in addition to the effects on taste. It’s a good idea to do a little research on what different dosing levels look like with edibles as far as what kind of experience to expect. As a good starting point, Leafly has a legit dosing chart that helps to shed some light. 

Finally, enjoy edibles that have great taste.  

Think you know how to make edibles taste better now? Damn straight Greenies! I know you can make edibles right in your own kitchen, but why take the time when The Green Baker can do it for you? With my 20+ years of culinary experience, I know exactly what it takes to cook up the most delicious edibles that have just the right dose to fit your individual needs. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I make some of the fudgiest, dark chocolate-infused brownies that are to die for. 

Get your hands on some edibles

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