Food, Weed, and Sex: The Threesome We All Want to Be a Part Of

by thegreenbkr
Food, Weed, and Sex: The Threesome We All Want to Be a Part Of - thegreenbkr

Let’s talk about sex, baby! No, but for real. Why be shy (or quiet) about something we all do…and enjoy? Sex is just a normal, fun part of life! The beauty of sex is that there’s always something new you can discover about yourself or your partner. I’ll be the first to say that trying new things in the sheets with your boo can light that spark back up or keep it going strong!  

Something new you can try to take that bedroom game up to the next level is to perfectly marry food, weed, and sex altogether. Talk about that threesome, Greenies. You already know that’s a life-changing combo. When you add natural aphrodisiacs and cannabis into your sex life, magic happens. Keep reading to find out how. I promise you won’t regret it. 

First, what are natural aphrodisiacs?

For most of us, we all have some sort of sexual drive—and that’s one of the most incredible things about being human. We have a natural want for sexual connection and pleasure! And it only makes sense that our big, beautiful Earth supports that sexual lust we all have with natural aphrodisiacs. 

If you’ve never heard of aphrodisiacs, or haven’t tried any of them before, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. Aphrodisiacs are foods that can straight up help you get in the mood, enhance your performance, and even increase the pleasure you feel. I know, it seems unreal. But, this is real ass life, Greenies. 

Incorporating aphrodisiacs into your daily life has the potential to up your bedroom game! And it’s not just hearsay, it’s backed by actual science too. 

The best natural aphrodisiacs out there 

If you’re curious about playing around with natural aphrodisiacs, you’ll definitely want to know what’s out there, right? Yes, some foods have been backed by scientific studies and data, but there are also some that are well known from more anecdotal experiences among society.

Some of the aphrodisiacs backed with science are:

  • Maca: A sweet root vegetable that grows naturally in Peru that can help boost your libido 
  • Red ginseng: A popular herb in Chinese medicine that may help increase sex drive, arousal, and erectile function
  • Pistachios: They increase blood flow that contributes to firmer erections
  • Saffron: A southwest Asian spice that can improve erectile function and lubrication for women

Some of the other well known aphrodisiacs that don’t have strong scientific evidence are:

  • Spinach
  • Dark chocolate
  • Peppers
  • Oysters
  • Crab

I won’t lie, I believe wholeheartedly in the magic of aphrodisiacs, but when you add cannabis to the mix…game over! 

Weed and sex: The perfect combo  

I’m just going to say it, having sex while high is bomb. That’s my personal opinion, but I know I’m not the only one who feels that way! Weed is already known to heighten your senses in different ways, but it’s actually been proven to enhance your sex life. 

Check this shit out: 

  • In a study done in the Journal of Sex Medicine, they found that cannabis users had more monthly and daily sex compared with those who never used
  • They also found that women who smoked weed before having sex had 2.13 higher odds of reporting a satisfactory orgasm

When it comes to men though, there’s a higher possibility of erectile dysfunction, according to the studies done. So, my ladies out there, give weed and sex a try if you’re open to it! 

The best cannabis options for sex

At this point, we know that weed and sex make the perfect match. But, are there particular strains or mediums that are most effective in upping that bedroom game? 

Of course, it’ll differ from person to person based on preferences, but here’s what some cannabis users and sex doers say:

Greenies, if you want to have an unforgettable night of weed and sex with your partner, or even just solo, I’m throwing some recommendations your way. Straight from the heart. 

Food & cannabis pairings for a steamy night

Grab your sweetheart, or your favorite toy, and give these food and cannabis combos a go. And please, reach out to me and tell me how your experience was! 

Dark chocolate & cannabis-infused wine

This is one of my favorites ever because it feels so romantic. Really lean in and set the mood for your steamy night of food, weed, and sex:

  • Go to the store and buy some dark chocolate, and I mean the real shit. 
  • Don’t forget to grab the vino too! I always like a dry red. To infuse it, get your hands on some of my THC oil and put a drop in each of your wine glasses after they’re poured. 
  • Have an intimate dinner at home, just the two of you. Sip on your wine, eat your meals and then enjoy the chocolate as a dessert afterward. Then, it’s on! 
  • Shoot, bring the chocolate and the wine into the bedroom too. If you could go for another glass, depending on how you feel, do it up!

Oysters & a sativa strain flower

If you’re a seafood fan like me, this one’s for you. Oysters are too good. The fact that they’re also natural aphrodisiacs makes me love them even more. Here’s what I would do for this food, weed, and sex pairing:

  • Have date night at your fave seafood restaurant and order the oysters 
  • On your way home, stop by the dispensary and grab a Sativa strain of flower. I absolutely love super lemon haze. The effects are so energizing and definitely put me in the mood!
  • As soon as you get home, smoke a bowl together, get cozy, and let your freak flags fly

I seriously can’t think of a better time than mixing food, weed, and sex together for a more than memorable night. Embrace your sexuality. Revel in your love for food. And enjoy cannabis for everything it has to offer…all at the same time. I’m telling you, you’ll love it. 

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